SpartaMation Is The Most Reliable and Dependable Automation.
Okay, so it isn't a fancy touch screen with bells, lights and bright colors. Bet it'll stay operating when the others experience failure. SpartaMation is just plain reliable and that means more to most broadcasters than anything else. Pre-Recorded Formats are available at

Couple that rock solid reliability with the fact that this software as a stand alone can perform better than the $10K software. It has a built in music scheduler. For NCE or LPFM the basic spot scheduler will run underwriting announcements. For more critical traffic & billing, it works great with Natural Log and other
 T & B software.

Here's one for the PD that wants to sound live even when canned...Have your announcers record several (up to 9) personality intros to the current hits category music. Each time one of these songs is played during the Jock A program, a different intro is played with it...talkin' right up the ramp if you so desire. Same thing happens on the Jock B show , etc. Couple this with time checks in each of the jocks voices during their've got a live sounding station!

(Below) The Voice Tracking module logs onto the latest weather so your jocks can add weather details as they voice-track tomorrows show. Each Jock has a code which takes him or her to their breaks to record, skipping un-recorded tracks by other staff. Jocks can Voice Track from anywhere in the world.
Recording is easy with the record screen. You can title your production, give it a "kill" date, add intro/extro times for tight segues or slight overlaps.
Although SpartaMation has a compression format, Hard Drive space is so affordable these days, we recommend recording full size WAV files.

Clicking in the Category Window indentifies where a song or audio file is placed.

This particular format shown uses the first letter of an artists first and last names as a reference code...then song number. You'll quickly come to understand that it is very easy to look up or locate any song within a matter of minutes. Use the record screen on top of the On Air screen to find a song for a request.

There is a "daily log" that can be printed out or simply stored electronically.
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